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Welcome to the Mitsubishi Precis Automatic Transmissions one stop shop! Our online store offers verity of parts and accessories including new replacement auto parts, aftermarket parts, original/OEM parts, refurbished/remanufactured/rebuilt auto parts and used part locating services. Our site offers online access to multiple automotive part stores.This certified engine re-builder offers high power high quality remanufactured automatic transmissions for most cars, trucks. In fact, this supplier is an authorized vendor for two OE manufacturers selling approximately 25,000 automatic transmissions a year. Our transmission supplier has maintained a unique 2.5% failure rate during its 20+ years in the transmission business.Our discount auto parts are available to you at wholesale price - significantly less than a dealer price.We offer only high quality replacement parts and accessories. Our warranty varies from 1-YEAR to a LIFETIME warranty.You can buy with confidence from us, knowing you have the best quality auto and truck parts with the best warranty protection at wholesale discount price!Thanks for visiting our website!

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1994 Mitsubishi Precis 4 Speed Automatic Transmission, FWD
Description:4 Speed Automatic Transmission, FWD
Our transmission comes with a remanufactured torque converter!
Fits:1994 Mitsubishi Precis
TAG ID:KM 171-5
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Core Deposit:$300.00
Warranty: 1-Year Warranty
3-Year Warranty (+Call for price)
5-Year Warranty (+Call for price)
Part No:KM171-5
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